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Self Design Program

to become who you want to be
​Program to design your own lifestyle
​1 month intensive course

To the students who came to the yoga class for the first time,

Can you lose weight by doing yoga?

I am often asked.

Of course, if you practice yoga every day and follow a yogic diet, you will lose excess fat.

It will go away and you will return to your proper weight.

However, the purpose of this course is not just to focus on slimming.

Counseling starts with knowing who you want to be.

And advice on meals that will delight your mind and body and make you beautiful from the inside.

Yoga: Through the practice of poses, breathing, and meditation, you will develop a strong physical and mental strength little by little.

I aim to maintain a healthy mind and body by myself by incorporating yoga into my lifestyle and making it a habit.

We will support you to continue your yogic lifestyle even after the course is over.

​Course content
​Yogic Diet

★ Easy raw food cooking class & counseling on Zoom for the first time *

★ Once a week Counseling 40 minutes x 4 times

    5 times in total

★ Report all photos and weight of daily meals and snacks on LINE

*For face-to-face classes, it will be Nami-sensei's studio.

You don't have to be a vegetarian, but you can easily incorporate plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits into your diet.

I will teach you raw food techniques.

A small change in your diet can change your life dramatically.

​Yoga Practice
 ~asana, pranayama, meditation

★Private lesson…Zoom 60 minutes x 4 times*

★Online group lessons: 7 lessons per week for 1 month

★ Studio group lesson ... 4 times ticket

*Face-to-face classes will be held at ganesha yoga studio.

In private lessons, we will listen to your story and create a menu that suits you.

Also, please participate in the studio and online lessons as much as possible,

Make yoga a habit of your life.

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