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Since I was a child, I have had extreme sensitivity to cold, menstrual cramps, occasional dizziness, and unexplained pain that cannot be diagnosed at a hospital.

I didn't take it too seriously because I was running around in good spirits even though I was sick.


It was yoga that I was doing on my own, but after a conversation with free diver Jacques Mayol,

I started practicing in earnest, took teacher training courses, and continue to practice breathing techniques and meditation.

I met mina-sensei in that course, and I remember being moved by her stoic way of facing myself.

As I practiced yoga, I became aware of the impact that food has on the body, and deepened my learning from vegetarian to raw food.

As a result, the target will get better in no time, the mind will be stable, and the head will be clear! Now I can spend every day very comfortably.

When it comes to fashion and hairstyles, you choose what suits you, but what about how you spend your days and what you eat?

Why don't you change to a meal that makes you shine from the inside to live with confidence in yourself?

We will help you find a diet that makes you attractive, regardless of the diet.


Raw Food School Tierra Shanti

Japan Living Beauty Church Global International Accredited School Kobe School Principal

Raw Food Jeff Raw Food Patissier

reversing therapist

KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher



My main reason for starting yoga was to maintain my health, get rid of lack of exercise, and to tone up my body.

As I continued practicing yoga, mainly asanas, my body became toned and healthy.

I noticed that my heart wasn't getting very strong.

Then I started learning to breathe and meditate. And just like my teacher taught me, I practiced meditation every day without fail. After a few months, I found myself a little stronger and less swayed by things.

Yoga does not have immediate effect like Western medicine medicine, but you can feel its effect if you continue it for a long time like Chinese medicine.

I don't have any particular dietary restrictions, but my weight hasn't changed much since I was in high school.

A few years ago, I learned the raw food method under Nami-sensei, obtained a Raw Food Meister qualification, and began to adopt the method. As a result, my body felt lighter, I was able to concentrate more on my Ashtanga yoga practice, and my skin and stomach improved. You will feel lighter.

I would like to introduce the yoga-like lifestyle that I practice to everyone, not just blindly restricting my diet to lose weight, but also a healthy lifestyle that I can continue for the rest of my life.

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