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Ashtanga Yoga  Mysore

Self-practice to remember the order and practice up to the asanas you learned from the instructor.

Instructors provide guidance and adjustments as needed.

​ This is a traditional practice method that allows beginners to experienced people to practice at their own pace and according to their physical condition on the day.


Ashtanga Yoga  Led

Students are guided by traditional Sanskrit counts.

Beginning with Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation), you will flow through pre-defined poses on a vinyasa system that synchronizes breath and movement.

By practicing the same thing repeatedly, you will notice changes in your own mind and body.

Breathing connects the mind and body and allows us to look deeply into ourselves.


Gentle Flow Yoga  

Using the vinyasa system that synchronizes breathing and movement, the lessons are created freely by combining various poses at a slow pace.

Focus on your breathing and draw out the strength within you.

Consultation required with children




Have you ever paid attention to your breath?

Breathing gives us the energy to live.

It removes anxiety and fear and gives you peace of mind.

Take conscious deep, long breaths at the end of the day to calm your mind and sleep peacefully.

We wash away dirt from our bodies every day in the bath or shower.What about dirty minds?

Negative emotions such as daily stress, worry, and anxiety... accumulate dirt in your heart.

Meditation is the way to cleanse the dirt of the mind.

This class is not only about silent meditation, but it is also easy for beginners to get started.We also incorporate chanting and breathing meditation.

Make a habit of sitting quietly each day and taking time to look at yourself.

Kundalini Yoga

Using various yoga techniques such as asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), mantras (sound vibrations), and meditation,

It works effectively on the human inner energy, balances the mind and body, and leads to a healthier and better life.

Anyone can experience the benefits of Kundalini yoga in their lives.

Awaken your own spirituality and regain the brilliance of your soul.

Hatha Restorative Yoga

The first half of the class uses soft hatha yoga asanas to warm the body and encourage the flow of energy.

In the second half, you will slowly open your body and mind that have been shrunken due to stress by taking active relaxation poses using bolsters and blankets.

Please enjoy the ultimate relaxation time.

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Sunday yoga

You can enjoy lessons with different contents and instructors every week.

Check the schedule every month.




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