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Yoga Classes

Gentle Flow Yoga

¥ 2000-/class 
¥ 7200-/4 classes (1 month)
Sunday Yoga
¥ 1800-/class 
Sunday Yoga Talk
¥ 500-/class
Online Classes 
¥ 1000-/class
¥ 4000-/month (Morning Pass)
¥ 3600-/month (Evening Pass)
¥ 4600-/month (All Day Pass)
Ashtanga Yoga
¥ 2500-/class
¥ 11000-/5 classes (1 month)
¥ 18400-/8 classes (2 months)
¥ 17000-/month(new)
¥ 16000-/month(continuation)
¥ 31000-/2 months

Ashtanga Yoga Beginner

¥ 8600-/4 classes

Rental Mat

¥   200-/time

¥ 1000-/month

Keeping Mat


Private Sessions
60 minutes
¥6000-/a person
¥7000-/2 people
¥9000-/3 people

Please make a reservation in advance.

Travel expenses will apply.

★Expired ticket★

Within 1 month after expiration

Ticket 500 yen/1 sheet

​Available for an additional charge.

★Unused tickets★

​Disable after 1 year from purchase


No refunds are possible.

new new purchase price

continuation purchase price


In ganesha yoga,

Get your yoga props ready​.

without instructions from the instructor

Use belts, blocks, etc. as necessary

Please use it.

In Shavasana at the end of the lesson, use an eye pillow and blanket.

Enjoy a deeper relaxation time.

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